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    BCE Policies - Customer Service

    If you are going to succeed with Business & Computing Qualifications you need to be sure about what you expect from us as well as what we expect from you. This Charter sets out the standards of service we aspire to in relation to all our customers. There will, of course, be exceptional circumstances, but normally you should judge us by the following commitments.

    Business & Computing Examinations is committed to providing excellent customer service in every aspect of the Exam board’s services. Exam board staff are committed to providing both internal and external customers with a responsive and efficient service delivered in a friendly and courteous manner. We strive to meet and exceed customer expectations in all aspects of our services.

    In accordance with core values, the customer service policy will comply with the basic principles of ethics, legality, prudence, equality, safety, timeliness, fairness, transparency and simplicity.

    Customer service is the responsibility of all staff; however, the Marketing Manager also acts as the Customer Service Coordinator who monitors standards of service, provides support and guidance and works with all departments to develop and improve customer service processes.

    In order to ensure that all centres, candidates and stakeholders receive appropriate support and services which are compatible with the above principles, our policy is to:
    • Ensure that all exam board staff are aware of the importance of providing excellent customer service to maximise the customer experience.
    • Provide staff training on an on-going basis to ensure that exam board staff receive the necessary skills to continue to provide a high quality service which is current, friendly and sensitive to individual needs.
    • Ensure that staff have a thorough knowledge of our range of courses, services and procedures, as appropriate to their role.
    • Ensure that recruitment processes include good customer service skills as required.
    • Systematically explore the needs of customers through surveys, focus groups, learner panels and customer comments.
    • Involve our candidates in evaluating and developing the quality of our provisions e.g. learner and employer consultations.
    • Make use of mystery customers to monitor the standards of service.
    • Systematically review and update our courses and services to ensure that they reflect current customer needs and requirements.
    • Widely publicise our charter and complaints procedures to ensure customers know what services they should expect and what to do if things go wrong.
    • Systematically review and update the charter and complaints procedures.
    • Take Centres and candidates complaints seriously, initiate appropriate corrective action and analyse complaints on an annual basis.
    • Provide accurate, timely and meaningful information and guidance about Business & Computing Examinations opportunities, services, costs and relevant policies enabling Centres and candidates to make fully informed choices.
    • Operate efficient and fair exam procedures and practices which are relevant to Centre and candidates needs and expectations.
    • Respond courteously, promptly and efficiently to all enquiries, requests for assistance and expressed concerns.

    We recognise that quality services can only be achieved in partnership with you, our Centres and candidates.

    You can help us accomplish this by:
    • Taking good care of the exam materials, property and equipment
    • Sending examination registration forms on time
    • Carrying your candidate card with you whenever you sit for the examinations and not lending it to anyone else
    • Refrain from eating, drinking, smoking and using personal stereos and mobile phones in exam building halls.
    • Treating BCE staff, invigilators and other candidates with respect and courtesy
    • Studying quietly and well behaved and refrain from cheating.
    • Asking invigilators politely whenever you need assistance
    • Allowing yourself enough time to complete your coursework before closing date.
    • Arriving for examinations on time and have your pencils and calculators.

    Download Customer Service Policy