Marketing Career Analysis

Marketing has quickly become an interdisciplinary career path in the business industry, and a marketing programme can open up many doors in advertising, media, and sales industries. The marketing course is built upon a wide range of areas including market analysis, advertising, public relations, and brand management. While the scope of marketing course program is large, many candidates who complete a business course in marketing can choose to focus on a few key areas throughout their educational career. Promotional strategies, brand management, and public relations are all critical areas for companies in today’s global marketplace and a solid marketing programme can help candidates succeed in a rewarding career.

Advertising careers are a dynamic and evolving industry, and often range from various public relations and marketing initiatives. Companies, businesses, and organisations work with advertising representatives to develop campaigns, promotions, and programs to improve a brand. Media representatives may work with selling advertising space on radio, television, internet, and display advertisings while PR divisions work with firms and advertising agencies to target a particular niche.

Why Earn a Marketing programme?
Earning a marketing programme can offer many opportunities in a variety of fields in the business industry. These include:

• Advertising
• Public relations
• Media relations
• Brand management
• Market research
• Market analysis and statistics
• Organisational development
• E-business
• Online marketing

What Does a Marketing Career Involve?
Marketing careers offer a variety of attractive opportunities in networking, sales, brand management, leadership, and communications roles. Many marketers learn how to act and perform as leading representatives of their company and brand, while others branch out and develop marketing companies and consultancies of their own. Since marketing careers are so diverse, the skill set assumed in most positions is well-suited for candidates with multiple strengths and talents. Some positions require extensive travel for training and presentations, while others focus heavily on networking with other leaders in the business community and attending events on a company’s behalf. Public relations managers, advertising executives, product managers, and sales representatives are all examples of marketing careers in this competitive business industry.

Career Options
Advertising careers are diverse and can run across a variety of departments, offering positions in the fields of creative departments, production, media, and research. The ultimate goal is to meet the client’s goals of increasing sales as much as possible. Public relations services are often involved with businesses, governments, and institutions and can help them make effective decisions. Any positions involved with direct selling of advertising involve certain personality traits and characteristics. An advertising career often starts as a Manager, and can then move up towards a Director or Supervising position. These positions are involved with all advertising and public relations activities such as planning, coordinating creation, and production. Sales positions involve meeting with customers, sharing their needs, and creating and implementing effective campaigns.

A programme in marketing can lead to a number of positions in the field of advertising, public relations, market research, or statistical analysis. Job opportunities after completing a marketing course include:
• Product Manager
• Non-profit Marketing Manager or Marketing Associate
• Market Research Consultant
• Public Relations Executive
• Advertising Representative
• Advertising Media Planner
• Copywriter/Illustrator
• Creative Manager
• Production Manager
• Director of Advertising
• Director of Public Relations
• Public Relations Specialist
• Sales Manager
• Market Research Analyst
• Territory Manager
• Buyer
• Public Relations Specialist

Marketing Syllabus

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